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Start your own location - Starte deine eigene Gruppe

Page history last edited by Waris Dirie 10 years, 5 months ago

Locations are all the places where members of this community organise meetings or any other activities. If you would like to add a location, you can start your own city or country page here.


"Locations" sind Orte, an denen sich Mitglieder dieser Community organisieren. Wenn du deine eigene lokale Gruppe gründen möchtest, kannst du dashier tun.




Want to start your own local group to support Waris fight for women's rights and against FGM? Please leave your name here and Waris will get in touch with you via email to give you more details on this important task!


Möchtest du deine eigene lokale Gruppe gründen um Waris in ihrem Kampf für Frauenrechte und gegen FGM unterstützen? Bitte hinterlasse deinen Namen hier und Waris wird per Email Kontakt mit dir aufnehmen und dir alle Details zu dieser wichtigen Aufgabe erklären!


Location                   Organiser                               Contact                                        Members


Warsaw / Poland

Please leave your name (or a comment below)

here if you want to join

Alexandra in Warsaw!                      





Comments (4)

alexandra.kaminska@... said

at 10:50 am on Jun 24, 2010

Hi Waris,
We would like to start our own local group in Poland, in Warsaw. We already strated small campaign against FGM and we are trying to involve more and more people.
With best regards
Alexandra Kaminska
Psychosocial Initiatives Foundations

piamoun@... said

at 11:54 pm on Jun 24, 2010

Hi Waris,
We would like to start an information campaign that draws on the natural geometry- the perfection in nature as a means to articulate more on the significance of this custom. We will begin our information group on the internet, using youtube and other online video sources.

all the best wishes


piamoun@... said

at 11:56 pm on Jun 24, 2010

I meant to say, the significance of the stupidity of this custom-= its a crime against women; a crime against nature; a crime against Allah.
How can we prove this? By studying the golden ratio - the golden mean in nature including human beings.

Lyndal Bale said

at 7:54 pm on Jul 5, 2010

The Orchid Project - www.orchidproject.org - led by Julia Lalla-Maharajh, is a new advocacy NGO registered in London, UK, campaigning to end FGC worldwide within the next generation. Realistically a generation is about 15 years, so we are looking at 2025 for this to finally be achieved.
We believe that connecting with each other, sharing our information, knowledge, expertise and experiences, working together on joint wholistic community based teaching models with grassroots groups with understanding and sensitivity, is the way to succeed.
We are very happy to find this new venture by Waris to allow us to make connections and share with each other. Is it possible for Orchid Project to have a page here to publish news from our website and some of Julia's blogs?

Thank you, with love
Lyndal Bale

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